DRB Water Solutions & Plumbing

DRB Water Solutions & Plumbing

Water Sustainability Systems

DRB Group was established in 2011, primarily focusing on civil/building construction projects. The organization has since established property development, marine operations and building entities to the group. The organization has embarked on a process of establishing a Water Solutions division. Through careful planning we have been able to establish meaningful relationships and partnerships with various companies to provide a complete package for all water requirements however big or small.

We are well equipped to provide any organisation or government with a solution that will deliver unimaginable results.

Through our international partners we offer water solutions to three Asian countries and our current expansion plan is to facilitate water infrastructure development to three African Countries by 2018.

  • Drinking water system and products
  • Pipe system for drinking water
  • Household water dispensers
  • Commercial water dispensers
  • Movable emergency drinking water dispensing system with intelligent control
  • Portable desalination device
  • CS-MBR intelligent integration of distributed wastewater treatment system
  • Grahamtek Water Security Solutions
  • AquaTrip Water Saving Solutions


  • Over and above the general plumbing, our specialist services include:
  • High pressure water jetting of sewer lines
  • Low pressure jetting of waste pipe lines
  • Electronic machine rods for cutting roots and extracting objects that have gone down the line
  • Camera inspections of sewer lines
  • Replacement of all types of geysers
  • Installations, reports and cleaning of fat traps
  • Geyser wise installations
  • Pay as you go water meters
  • French drains and soak a way’s
  • Compliance certificates
  • Well Points
  • Minnie Boreholes
  • Leak Detection

24hr service contracts are also available to clients on request