About Us

DRB Group Business Background

The DRB Group was registered in 2011 and commenced operations in June 2012. Dominique Bailey was appointed as the Sole Shareholder ensuring that the business holds a BEE Level 1 status being 100% Black Female owned, with a 135% B -BBEE Procurement Recognition.

DRB is the name behind many Local and National developments, including some of the most advanced and prestigious facilities. Since 2012 we have been providing our Clients with reliable solutions to their most complex construction and maintenance challenges. We are recognized for our methods and for our creative, fresh approach to cutting -edge technologies and delivery spectrum, from smaller renovations to multi-million Rand projects.

Our success is driven by more than building. More and more of our Clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques, and to serve as a reliable provider of knowledge- driven solutions for their complex projects. Our Team of Professionals offers a single source solution for all of your

construction and maintenance related needs. We support our Clients from project inception till completion. Our network structure enables us to offer our Clients the dual advantage of a strong local and national presence. In 2016 DRB Group was partnered up with a privately owned financial institution. The partnership strengthened the financial infrastructure of the DRB Group and allowed DRB Group a peace of mind and financial stability when taking on projects.